Though a long time coming, HBO’s video streaming service HBO GO has finally launched on PS4. Announcing the launch via a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony remarked, “We know you’ve been looking forward to this day.” And it’s true. For those of us looking to give last-gen one final nudge out of the entertainment cabinet, the news is a welcome sight.

Almost exactly a year ago HBO GO landed on PS3, while last November saw the service make its first jump to current-gen consoles, launching on the Xbox One.

All of this comes in the warm shadow of last October’s announcement from HBO that their streaming service would become a standalone product, not requiring a cable subscription, sometime in 2015. As for a more exact timing of the transition, no date has been set, though it seems likely it will happen close to the return of HBO’s Game of Thrones next month.

So was this one of the last things keeping you from grabbing a PS4, or is it just a nice addition? Let us know in the comments.


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