PlayStation’s answer to virtual reality; Project Morpheus, was provided a GDC conference where new information had emerged for the hardware.

Project Morpheus is starting to wind down and finalise its specs; approaching its early 2016 release. It is boasting a 1920 x RGB x 1080 OLED display and a 120hz refresh rate. This would mean it will play in 1080p HD and will have a silky smooth visuals while using the device. It is also stated that it will have less than 18 milliseconds of latency; so as to ‘increase immersion in virtual reality’.

They have added more LEDs to the device so that it can more accurately track to the movements that the player makes; with one in the middle and one on each side. With the nine in total, it’s hoping to track movement a lot more effectively. Not only that, but the new revamped design seeks to make it more comfortable for the user; with the design now made to take on and off and alleviating the prior incarnate’s weighty pressure on the face to the top of the head instead.

I know that the details provided is starting to make me look forward to this device a lot more; with my issues with the other VR devices being too uncomfortable to wear for an extended period off time and the lag-fest blurry motion being too unbearable to look at for a long time, this and the Oculus has retained my interests.

The specs are astounding considering how virtual reality technology has exploded in the last few years. Slowly but surely the technology is seeking to be a 1:1 ratio with what we see in real life. Project Morpheus is looking extremely promising and with more news on the horizon, it looks like it will be a strong VR hardware contender.

The news comes from the live twitter and Sony Playstation blog

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