Dontnod Entertainment has announced when the second episode, “Out of Time,” will hit digital stores for the studio’s five-part episodic adventure game Life is Strange. For any waiting to find out what’s comes next in Dontnod’s story of time-travel and small town intrigue, the episode will land March 24th.

Announced initially on stage at EGX, the date was followed with a general announcement over the game’s official Twitter.

While originally slated for release on March 13th, the episode was delayed without a specified reason. Luckily the wait is over however, and our questions about episode one’s oddly intense cliffhanger might finally begin to be answered. (Seriously, if you haven’t played it, for a game mostly about dealing with spoiled, violent, high school students, the ending is kind of a shock.)

Dontnod Entertainment recently spoke about the possibility of a season 2 of Life is Strange, along with the fact that the follow up to the studio’s other IP, Remember Me, is already written and just needs to be made.

All of this comes however, as episode one of Life is Strange, “Chrysalis” was just released January 30th.  If you want to see what it’s all about, make sure to jump over to Gamespresso’s official review. We thought the pilot episode was intriguing, and enjoyed the depth of the world and characters the player is set free to interact with, but also found some of the dialogue and teen angst a bit overdone at times, missing the mark, and coming off at insincere. As for whether Life is Strange will fix these problems as it goes forward, keep checking back here on Gamespresso to find out.

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