Blizzard have given us a healthy helping of screenshots from their new team based shooter, Overwatch.  Come check them out.

Blizzard have given us another dose of screenshot madness with Overwatch and let us have a helping of screens of the new characters Zarya and McCree.  We’ve also been given a few lovely looks at the map Watchpoint Gibraltar.

The screenshots show a bunch of locations from around the map, some inside and outside.  A few features including stacked missiles in the walls, a room which looks like a command room and some warehouse type areas look like they give the map a lot of variety for players to mess around with.

We also can see a couple of screenshots of the latest characters to be announced, Zarya and McCree.  Both look awesome to play as and completely different.  Zarya uses a large assault cannon type weapon while McCree seems to favour the pistol.

They could both work well together or completely destroy each other.

Are you interested in Overwatch?  Will you be picking it up when it’s released?  Let us know in the comments below.

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