Sony is introducing further features to help disabled gamers with hearing, sight and physical impairment play on the PS4 in an upcoming firmware patch. The information was leaked by a twitter user by the name of @isaparrot, who also included an image detailing the new features in the patch.

Gamers will now have access to the following features to help enhance their gaming experience: text to speech, zoom, invert colours, larger text, bold text, high contrast, closed captions, button assignment, and add to Quick Menu.


With his post @isaparrot says: the add to quick menu adds a link to the accessibility menu on the quick menu page (the hold PS button page), which, somewhat ironically, adds ease of access to the accessibility menu.

There’s no release date for the update yet either by a leak or officially from Sony, but its worth noting that the Xbox One released its March Update today, so it will be at least April until the next update, and the Xbox One doesn’t have any of these features currently but it will be nice to see these features implemented in a future update.

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