Alongside a new gameplay trailer that you can check out here, Ubisoft has also released information on a collector’s edition for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Titled the Art of Siege Edition, the package contains a number of neat-looking items for a fairly reasonable price. The main attraction here is an exclusive 120 page ‘Tactical Guide’ which provides all sorts of useful tips and tricks to help you become a successful operator.

Other than that, buyers will also receive a copy of the game in a collector’s box as well as gold-weapon skins for all in-game guns, so there’s no reason not to run around like James Bond pretending that you’re playing Golden Gun. Ubisoft has provided a bit more detail on the guide…

“This high quality guide includes information on every Counter Terrorist Unit, Operator, weapon, and map with the highest level of detail and statistics. All this content has been created with developer team and core gamers’ advice, giving you the most effective results in the field.”

Sounds pretty handy to us. The edition can be pre-ordered now through Uplay for £64.99/$96.28 on Xbox One and PS4 and £59.99/$88.87 for PC. If you ask me, that’s not a bad asking price.

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