Bioware’s latest and greatest Dragon Age game, Inquisition, has been made free to try this week on Xbox One for Xbox Live Gold members. You can freely roam around the world of Dragon Age Inquisition for up to six hours in this wonderful free trial.

What’s more, you can even earn achievements in the trial that will be unlocked when you buy the full game, which you may as well also do this week because it is currently 40% off on this weeks Deals With Gold, with your progress from the trial carrying through to the main game. Honestly, they’ve thought of everything.

There’s really no excuse to refuse this ridiculously good offer, especially in a world where 5 hour interactive movies are being released for $60 more, naming no names *nudge. Regardless, Dragon Age Inquisition was one of 2014’s greatest games so we suggest you download the free trial immediately!

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