A new trailer for Roller Coaster World has been released, the VIP trailer.  Come and check it out.

The Roller Coaster Tycoon franchise is one which defined a generation of PC gamers, building new tracks and taking their imagination to new heights.  With Roller Coaster World players can go back to those times with a whole new experience in the Roller Coaster building world.

“The RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise has captured the heart of gaming enthusiasts globally for close to 15 years, and we’re eager to provide the next installment of the phenomenal series to new and life-long fans,” said Fred Chesnais, Chief Executive Officer, Atari.

All of the features that fans loved are back in the new title.  Park and coaster designing is the central focus of course with players designing their own unique and extravagant coasters, limited only to their imagination.

Gamers can engineer their own individual environments in a full-featured single player mode, or enhance their experience by collaborating with up to four players to create one massively grand amusement park.

The trailer shows off some familiar looking visuals to us, bringing us back to the times of staying up until 3am designing the perfect coaster which pushed the limits of the human body and the the track itself.

It also boasts “Unlimited Rides”, “Unlimited Building”, and “Unlimited Cotton Candy.”  We”re pretty excited about the third one.

The trailer flits back and forth between pre-rendered and gameplay footage which does leave a little to be desired but otherwise this is a great way to show off some of the new features and definitely has us wanting to pick it up and relive some of our classics.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t rely too much on nostalgia.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FhRjBMrhgk]

Are you excited by Roller Coaster World?  Will you be building to new heights?  Let us know in the comments below.

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