New amiibo appearing on South American retailer Raru‘s website may have revealed characters to be included in Nintendo’s next wave of figurines.

Alongside the website’s pre-order of Nintendo’s upcoming paint-shooter Splatoon, pre-orders also appeared for figurines of Jigglypuff, Greninja, Splatoon Boy, and Splatoon Girl. A version of the game plus amiibo squid was also available for pre-order next to the figurines.



No images were included in the listings that have since been removed from the website, but an expected date of May 29, 2015 was included. Splatoon is expected to arrive worldwide in May 2015, so the timing of these line up with the game’s release date.

Nintendo has not confirmed or commented on these rumored amiibo, only recently confirming the gold Mario amiibo that will be available next week at Walmart.

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