Rainbow Six: Siege will soon be going into closed alpha, Ubisoft Montreal announced and players who fit the criteria can sign up for it. Players who are accepted will be play testing an early version of the multiplayer mode.

The alpha for Rainbox Six: Siege will only be for PC users; the reason being that the game is being developed on PC so “it’s natural to start by testing the game on this platform”. There are no comments yet about alpha or beta testing on console. Very few regions are being allowed to enter the sign up process however including the USA, UK, part of Canada and Western Europe; Australia, Africa, South America and Asia have not been included in the regions aloud to enter the alpha testing. There are also only two data testing centers for the alpha with one in the USA and one in Europe. The alpha will be exclusively in English and Ubisoft require all feedback from the alpha to be in English also.

Those wishing to take part need to have a Uplay account (of course) and should meet the minimum PC requirement found in the FAQ regarding the alpha test. There are no details yet as to how long the testing will be for however it is thought that the game could come out later this year.

No doubt many gamers will be signing up for the Rainbow Six: Siege alpha to check out the game first hand or to see if they would be interested in buying the full complete game though much will be missing from the alpha; Ubisoft wants the alpha to be focused onto certain areas so who knows how much of the game they will reveal to testers in the end?


Will you be signing up as a alpha tester for Rainbow Six: Siege?

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