The next iteration of Capcom’s flagship fighting series has had very little revealed with the latest being the sinister Charlie Nash entering fight. Capcom has now slipped out the reveal date on accident via a description at PAX East for a shirt for Street Fighter V that reads: “Everyone is fired up for Street Fighter V coming to the PS4 and PC next Spring. Until then, you can sport the official SFV key art T-shirt, which features Ryu in a heroic pose, for $25.”

The release date being next Spring checks out with an Amazon listing for the PlayStation 4 version with the preorder price of $59.99 USD. The date stated for the announcement is March 31st 2016 – “PS4 and PC next Spring”. Hopefully the PC release is near that release date if not the same day!

The game finally has a release window! It’s going to be a fun year’s wait as loads more reveals come out. I’m not entirely a Street Fighter fan; but I do love watching the intense matches throughout the several tournaments that are held throughout the year! How about you guys? Excited for Street Fighter V?

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