Valve’s ever popular cartoony free to play FPS game Team Fortress 2 has gone through so much change in the years of its existence; and community support has been astounding. Since the release of the Steam Workshop, the community has had a hand in creating unique and strange content for the game; even officially being made items in the core game.

With the further push for Valve to allow creative freedom for their fanbase, they’ve given support for Workshop created ‘Taunts’. Taunts in game are fun little animations used to mock/kill/celebrate your enemies and friends!

This is such a big deal to the creative community because prior to this, it was only hats and weaponry that was given models and with very little animation; now however is entire character model being animated in a very different way. This is successful through the use of Valve’s Source Filmmaker program which allows the user to make their own animations using the models.

I use to obsess over playing TF2, and I dabble very loosely nowadays. The insanity is the appeal now and I am going to be either giggling or sighing watching an entire team line up and do the horse dance.

(I’m sorry)

I can’t wait to see what the insane internets can come up with!

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