This War of Mine has had its first DLC announced, and all money made is going to charity. The game game came out in November 2014 and is based around civilians attempting to survive during a civil war, making difficult decisions and finding supplies. The first DLC for This War of Mine is simply called the “War Child Charity DLC” and the charity this is supporting is of course War Child who support children that have been caught in war and conflict all over the world.

The content for the first This War of Mine DLC is to add special painting by street artists into the game for players to find and add to their collections in game; artists include M-City, SeaCreative, Gabriel “Specter” Reese, Emir Cerimovic, Fauxreel and Mateusz Waluś. These paintings can be found in different locations to allow players to hunt for them. The artwork is supposed to reflect human condition and the state of humanity during a war.

Though the content of the DLC remains the same, there are different prices to allow players to donate as much as they would like to the chairty. The three available prices on steam are: $0.99, $9.99 and $19.99 as the developers wanted to provide an option for those players who could, and wanted, to donate more to the charity. The developers, 11 Bit Studios, will not be taking any of the money for the sales, instead they will donate 100% of their proceeds.

This DLC is available on all PC platforms the game was released on so there are no limitations on buyers; Windows, Mac and Linux users can all purchase it and give some money to charity at the same time.

The final message of the release is a positive one that clearly shows the stance of the developers behind This War of Mine; “Thank you and please don’t give up on trying to make this world a better place.”


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