Nosgoth has a new human class and it’s caused quite a stir inside of the community despite this being only the second class to be released since the game entered open beta on steam.

The main reason for this is pretty simple; Vanguards existence means many changes will be needed to the game to re-balance it and even the class itself needs something done to it. Being the human tank, heavy damage dealer at close range and a healer makes him a formidable opponent for any veteran of the game and completely destroys the tactics of the vampire teams; not only this but the new class boosts the ability of the Scout class and almost removes the need for healing abilities in the human support classes.

The current response from the official website forum and the subreddits are a mixed one, some players love the Vanguard as he is and others are demanding he be nerfed even if only for the effects he’s having on other human classes. The extra customization for this class however was well received and it’s even been hinted that there are new skins for the older classes on the way.

Despite the focus being on the new class the most annoying bug any multiplayer game could have has now been fixed; the start game countdown will no longer become stuck and loop until all players disconnect from the server. Players no longer need to be concerned about the horror of this bug, instead they only need to focus on finding ways to work around the new tank.

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