Harmonix are asking fans of the Rock Band series, what songs they would like to see within the upcoming next-gen exclusive, Rock Band 4. By going to their website, fans can fill in a submission form detailing the song fans would like, meaning they can track and count which songs are the most popular.

Harmonix did however say that the request system is by no way a guarantee that the song will be in the final game, they did say that they : “will read every request to get a better understanding of what the community most wants to see in Rock Band!”

Announced earlier this month, Rock Band 4 is the next instalment in the franchise, and the first on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Harmonix have said that they are working on a way to get older peripherals to work on the new consoles as well as developing new peripherals specially for the new consoles. Any songs that players have bought from previous games will also carry over into Rock Band 4, at no extra charge or a fee for importing them. Rock Band 4 is due to release later this year.


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