Following the reveal of the new Star Wars: Battlefront game over the weekend, a lot of questions have been circulating about just how Battlefield developer DICE, the new developers of the game, will change the beloved franchise. Speaking to Xbox Wire, Senior Producer Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir made no secret of the team’s wish to put their own stamp on the game.

“I think fans of the original Battlefront games will like what we are doing… We were fans of Battlefront, and we’re incredibly happy as a studio to bring Battlefront to a new generation of fans. That being said, it’s also important for us to feel like we have the freedom and the ownership of the franchise going forward to be able to create it in the way that we want. So I would say that we are quite inspired by the old Battlefronts, while at the same time making it our own.”

Speaking to what DICE brings to the table, Ingvarsdottir says, “We are rebooting Battlefront and making it our own. It’s important to us that people feel like we are bringing them a fresh experience…

“I would say we have a good mix of people to be able to do that… to be able to approach it and look at it with fresh eyes and think about how we designed it from the ground up to be this franchise, with its own type of DNA and its own identity. So while we have this heritage of Battlefield, we have approached Battlefront from the get-go from the perspective of creating a fresh, new take.”

As far as how any of this translates into the actual game, we will just have to wait and hope for gameplay come E3. What do you think of what DICE is doing with Battlefront? Let us know in the comments.

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