It’s not the most traditional way to tease your game, but the next Call of Duty – rumored to be Black Ops III – has been teased in Black Ops II by the way of a Snapchat icon.

An update was issued to the game yesterday – rather bizarre considering how long it has been out and given that there were no announced updates or additional content on the way, the update appeared to do very little. However, since then, players have uncovered a mystery. Found in certain places within the multiplayer maps is a Snapchat friend request code that can be found on a poster and scanned by your phone like a QR code.

If you activate the code you will have ‘callofduty’ added as a friend on Snapchat and will view a teaser video that hints more at the third outing in the Black Ops series. The short glimpse shows a man blinking before displaying a woodland in which the sun is casting over the trees, creating a shadow that looks like III. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. The snapchat video is below, followed by the YouTube video that highlights the process of uncovering this mystery.



It’s an interesting way of teasing the game, but in the 21st century you might as well make the most of all our social medias!

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