The ever evolving Destiny is set to evolve even more with this weeks weekly update. One of the highlights of the update is that the difficulty of certain bosses in the game will be decreased in order to improve player experience. Moreover, Bungie are banning ‘toxic’ players from Destiny’s matchmaking.

Updates and fixes include bugs that will be patched up related to boss encounters with Crota and Atheon as well as the minions that must be fought in raid boss fights. There is also a couple of strike bosses who are getting the muscle-downgrade treatment, namely Valus Ta’Aurc and the Psion Flayers. The bosses in Destiny’s Cerberus Vae III and Dust Palace strikes on Mars are also being tweaked in order to provide more motivation for players to complete the long missions.

Bungie production engineer Brenton Woodrow had this to say…

“Our goal was to ease the difficulty for the least-completed strikes. In order to do this, we focused on the final boss encounters, which were fairly lengthy on higher tiers. We addressed this by reducing the strength for several of the major combatants. We also felt that the bosses themselves could use some tweaking. We reduced Valus Ta’Aurc’s health by a third and reduced the Psion Flayers’ shields by about 15 percent. We locked these changes after several playtests with the designers and feel that they bring these encounters in line with the rest of the Strikes.”

One the topic of ‘toxic’ players, Bungie adressed the following…

“Sitting idle in Strikes and PvP has been on our radar for a while now, but it’s become clear that a small number of the worst idlers are responsible for damaging the experiences of thousands of other players. One player not contributing in an activity might seem like a small thing, but it can make a Weekly Heroic Strike unbeatable or make a Crucible match unwinnable. Those little bits of damage to the experiences other players adds up over time.”

It’s always nice to see the experience improved and at no extra cost. Here’s hoping Destiny can continue to evolve over time to become the experience players desire.

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