Bungie released the next update for Destiny today. After weeks of being teased, update 1.1.2, entitled “The one with Vault space and Raid fixes,” finally went live, tweaking key aspects of the PvP and PvE experience, as well as fixing many frustrating bugs that have plagued the game’s endgame content.

One of the most highly requested features from the Destiny community is finally being included with this update: more Vault space. Players have been begging Bungie for more space in their Vaults to store the legendary and exotic gear they claim in their escapades. Most endgame players have already completely filled their Vaults and thus had no room to store their precious equipment.

destiny vault space

Update 1.1.2 increases Armor slots to 24, Weapon slots to 36, and General slots to 24. Although the expansion may not be as large as many players had hoped for, the increase in space will certainly become useful once House of Wolves drops next month. Bungie previously elaborated upon the reasons for the small increase in one of their Weekly Updates.

Destiny currently has two Raid activities, both of which are incredibly complex and immensely rewarding. They can also be exhaustively frustrating, due to several bugs that have undermined the experience.

destiny shield bubble

Today’s update fixes several of these bugs, while “improving” upon others. Vault of Glass aficionados will be happy to learn that splash damage will no longer penetrate the invincible bubble created by the relic shield. Unfortunately, the teleportation and invincible Minotaur bugs will remain in the game but, according to Bungie, these incidents will now occur less frequently.

Regarding Crota’s End, Bungie confirmed that the relic sword will no longer suddenly disappear, causing players to lose out on a precious damage opportunity. Furthermore, Crota will behave as programmed and will not override his animations to take a swing at players. His often hilarious tendency to leave his normal posts and chase after players, however, has not been addressed.

Bungie tracks a large amount of player data related to multiple facets of the game. Their findings in regard to the game’s multiplayer arena have led them to make some rather drastic changes.

destiny crucible 1

Special ammo will now be a more precious commodity in the Crucible; it will spawn less, give out less rounds, and will disappear quickly if not used. Players will also no longer drop special ammo upon death.

To balance out these changes, Bungie revealed that ammo crates will be much easier to find in-game and that the drop radius for teammates after a player picks up ammo has been increased dramatically.

Bungie made several other changes to the game in Update 1.1.2, including visual/audio improvements, alterations to PvE content, and several UI changes. They also gave players the option to wear their helmets in the game’s social hubs. You can now walk around the Tower in style!

For more detailed information regarding everything packed into this Update, check out the official Patch Notes on Bungie’s website.

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