Anders “rullox” Johannsen, a Danish Counter-Strike player most known for his work with the eSport team Viborg Vipers, has survived having his throat cut open during a violent altercation this past Sunday morning.

In a story by Ekstra Bladet (via The Daily Dot), witnesses report that Johannsen stepped between an arguing male and female couple after witnessing the 18 year-old male reportedly pushing the woman over a table.  Johannsen confronted the attacker, but was stabbed by a knife in the throat before the male fled the scene.

Police found the weapon not far from the crime scene and were able to arrest the attacker soon after. A preliminary hearing for the assault was held this past Sunday and the accused, who police have left unnamed, will remain in custody until April 30.

The knife, amazingly, just barely missed striking Johannsen’s carotid artery.  Posting to Facebook, he said, “Just 2mm closer and I’d not be sitting here today.”

Johannsen was rushed to Aalborg hospital where his wounds required twelve staples. He is currently in stable-condition and expected to make a full recovery.  “’For the giant loser who tried to cut my throat in the night,” he wrote on his Facebook page, “I hope you fall over on your scooter without a helmet. Karma will fuck you!”

Source: Facebook via The Daily Dot

Source: Facebook via The Daily Dot

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