For the unfortunate people who missed it, there was a sign up for a chance to participate in a Star Wars Battlefront playtest at the EA Canada and EA Redwood Shores this coming Friday the 10th of April.

For the lucky people who managed to get into the database before technical difficulties and eventually the sign up closing; they will get a chance to play the game early in 3-4 hour sessions on that day.

On the EAC Playtesters facebook page, there were two links for the two locations where you could sign up. Again, as of now, the sign up has been closed so it’s too late. That said, it’s worth keeping an eye on this page for future playtests invitations and sign ups!

So don’t lose hope! There might be a next time and you might be able to give a go on Battlefront! As for me? It doesn’t sting quite as badly since I don’t live there, but I so wish I could participate!

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