PC players haves been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Grand Theft Auto V to their platform since the game’s initial release in September 2013. Two and a half years of delays later, and the countdown clock sits at just six days. In the meantime, Rockstar has announced that PC owners can pre-load the hefty 60 GB package on either Steam or Rockstar’s own Warehouse Digital Distribution Platform.

Players planning to indulge in Los Santos on Steam can simply choose the “pre-load” option for GTA V in your game library; however, the process for Rockstar Warehouse members is slightly more complicated.

According to Rockstar: “Check your email for two messages from the Rockstar Warehouse: one a link to the Social Club Activation page, and one with a Rockstar Activation Code. You can enter your code on the Social Club Activation page and download the GTAV PC Setup Tool, which begins pre-loading the game. The download will finish and then display a countdown timer for when the game will become playable on April 14, 2015.

GTA V will finally launch on PC on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. Rockstar recently announced that the PC version will launch with GTA Online and Heists available immediately. The studio also showed off the stunning graphical output of the PC version in this gorgeous “60-Frames-Per-Second PC” trailer:

Are you excited to finally play GTA V on PC? How do you think it will perform? Let us know in the comments below.

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