Rather strangely, it has been discovered that if players change the game language in Bloodborne to French at the game’s title screen, after the game saves data a message will pop up in the top right corner saying “will be blessed with child”.

This could mean a number of things. Firstly, it could simply be a bug – not very exciting but you can’t rule it out given that the message does also appear at a point in the game (where it is supposed to be) via a note in Byrngenwerth. However, the fact that it appears on the title screen could be more interesting. When read alone, “will be blessed with child” doesn’t make an awful lot of sense, but when it sits next to the name of the game on the title screen, the image reads “Bloodborne will be blessed with child”, as if to say that Bloodborne will give birth to a sequel much like the original Dark Souls game did. Sneaky.

If this really is a bug then perhaps we’ll see it disappear in a patch, or the developers could leave it in just to keep people guessing? Maybe it is intended to be there? Questions will remain to be asked.

Alternatively, it could be a reference to French people and reproducing but I highly doubt it.

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