Over the past two months, a flood of information has engulfed the web claiming to have details on the next Call of Duty game coming later this year. While Treyarch has been quiet about their upcoming installment in the series, which they will officially unveil next month, the common theme that has been in every alleged leak has been the next game will push the series to even bolder heights with a futuristic feel.

In a video posted by Tmartn, the following list of rumors was put together on everything that has been leaked so far:

  • Next-gen only (different source)
  • campaign looks gorgeous, better than Advanced Warfare
  • campaign to be open-world but still linear
  • “Jetpacks and/or Exos”
  • Switch to different characters in singleplayer (like GTAV)
  • Exo-suits will have a wall running ability
  • Zombies to have stand alone map packs, Raven to assist
  • Custom map editor for private lobbies only and ability to share
  • Pick 13 returning but no upgradable scorestreaks
  • Dynamic weather and elements on all maps this time
  • Raid and Nuketown remakes
  • maps are larger than Advanced Warfare
  • 16vs16 and 32vs32

With all of that said, which rumored feature to be would you be most excited to see in the upcoming Call of Duty game? Larger matches, a map editor, upgraded Exo-suits? Let us know in the comments below.

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