With Mewtwo becoming available to the smashers who bought both versions of Super Smash Bros (4), people have expressed some disappointment over the character. More predominately, there has been complaints about the lack of custom moves.

Custom moves for characters were unlocked by playing the game and receiving them through playing the game. Most of the times, custom moves were simple tweaks that changed the specials for characters; allowing for 2 different moves to replace the default.

A youtuber under the moniker of Mankalor had posted a video demonstrating him glitching out the 3DS version of Smash in order to create a strange glitch that unlocks a broken set of skills for Mewtwo. The files for the moves aren’t in the game so it’s obvious that it won’t have the animations or such, but it does have placeholder spots as demonstrated in the video.

What are your thoughts on Mewtwo; for the people who have him? Would custom moves hurt him or make him more viable? I’m hoping that this does confirm Mewtwo will have custom moves, only for the assurance that later DLC characters will also get custom moves!

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