Mojang released an April Fool snapshot that made the game ‘friendly’ and ‘passive’. It was just a joke that made it so players couldn’t hurt themselves or others, harm animals or mobs and various other little small jokes. The changelog for this joke update can be found and read up on here. You can play this snapshot via the Minecraft Launcher by changing the version of the game as you would normally.

Now, it was found inside this snapshot for ‘1.10’ by a redditor 3dDeters that hidden in snow the player could have a chance to find this QR code that upon being scanned, announces ‘Minecraft 1.9: The Combat Update’. The reddit thread can be found here.

A funny little antithesis to the joke 1.10 update being the ‘passive’ update, Mojang revealing the theme for 1.9 would be the ‘aggressive’ combat update. I can say for sure Minecraft’s combat mechanics is not exactly perfect so I’m very excited to see some improvements to combat in game. I know for sure playing on a PVP server could definitely be vastly improved!

I’m hoping this isn’t an April Fools as well, I mean the Creeper face on the QR code made me skeptical. Dinnerbone, one of the headers of Mojang confirmed in the thread that this was official, but that still doesn’t change the fact today IS that day for universal trolling. That aside, I’m hoping this is truth, and looking forward to more news!

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