Capcom Japan has just released a trailer for their new spin-off game for the Monster Hunter series; Monster Hunter Stories. It is set to be released in Japan in 2016 on the Nintendo 3DS; no word for a western release yet.

While there isn’t actual gameplay footage; the art style for this game looks a lot more colorful and vibrant compared to Monster Hunter 4 and older games in the main franchise. It’s extremely adorable! I mean; look at that little rideable Rathalos!

This game will be an RPG as stated at their website. Personally, I’m hoping that it’ll be somewhat like a Dragon Quest Monsters kind of RPG where you can fight and tame creatures to utilise them in battle. I am very excited for this game and am hoping that more news will come. Monster Hunter Stories may very well be the news that will be announced or shown at the Monster Hunter Event. Then again; the event claimed it will announce ‘public first’ news; so it could be something else! Either way; as budding new fan of the franchise, I can’t possibly be happy to have jumped on the bandwagon!

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