Steam has seen several changes over recent months and the latest Steam Workshop change has sparked much debate. The latest feature that came into effect yesterday allows community content creators to sell their creations in the Steam Workshop for a price of their choosing; Valve of course takes a percentage of the sale. Paid for community content will only be seen for the games that allow them, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is one that’s allowing it.

Shortly after the change a community made mod for Skyrim was removed; the mod had taken too many elements from a free to use creation and refunds were given out as a result.

A petition against the new mod store is asking for the removal of paid for community content from the Steam Workshop.

Mods should be a free creation. Creations made by people who wish to add to the game so others can also enjoy said creation with the game.

This new change to the Steam Workshop does raise many issues and questions especially as Valve expects the community to monitor the mods and report any rule breaking ones. Having mods that are paid for does also raise questions about who now owns the created content.

User created content for Skyrim has always been available for free through Steam and websites such as Nexusmods; Nexus allows users to donate to the creator of the content while downloading the content for free.

It is not the idea of content creators that is upsetting users as many support modders though donations; instead it’s how Steam is doing this and that they are taking a portion of the money which, in many users eyes, should be a direct donation.


What are your thoughts on the whole paid for user created content? Have you signed the petition? Do you think it could work in time? Let us know!

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