Persona 4: Dancing All Night is the upcoming rhythm game from developer Atlus. A new trailer for the game has been released, showing off more from the Investigation Team, as well as the Team’s Personas.

The trailer, seen below, starts with a rumor about an Internet video. When viewed at midnight, you will be taken to the other side, and will never wake up. The Investigation Team comes back together again to solve the mystery of the video.

The trailer also shows the characters dancing in different costumes, as well as in pairs. We also see the character’s Personas jamming away on various instruments. It is not known at the moment how Personas will be utilized in the game, aside from playing instruments.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night will release in Japan on June 25. The game will be coming overseas, but at the moment does not have a set date. Dancing All Night will release on the PS Vita.

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