Resogun was a launch title for the PS4 and is still, arguably, amongst the best exclusives the console has to offer. Developer Housemarque, known for not only Resogun but also the fantastic Super Stardust and Dead Nation, struck twin-stick shooter gold, but now look poised to do it again with their next game, Alienation.

Revealed with a trailer back in August, Alienation has gone quiet since then, until now. Posting on the PlayStation Blog, Mikael Haveri of Housemarque shed some new details on the game and gave us a couple new screenshots.

“The game features three main character classes, plenty of loot, and a ton of weapon customizations, the number of different team setups is astronomical,” Haveri says. “The first reaction to seeing the gameplay footage might feel a bit like confetti shot from a minigun (we like explosions), but the game actually relies heavily on tactical teamwork amidst of all the chaos.”

The enemies you’ll fight range “from human-like foot soldiers to extraterrestrial flesh mountains,” and the only way to defeat them “is with uncanny tactics combined with superior firepower.”

Haveri concluded saying, “The run-and-gun strategy will get you a few victories, but it will not win the war. Coordination and building trust with your teammates will ultimately be the difference between life and death.”

While no release date has been offered yet, Haveri says to stay tuned for more news in the near future.

What do you think of Alienation? Are you already booting up Resogun just to get your fix? Let us know in the comments. For more about Alienation as it gets announced, keep checking back here on Gamespresso.

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