The game that was hyped up so much had been given a new stable update with loads of new goodies to play with. Chucklefish’s Starbound is still sitting in Early Access and is still slogging away at updating constantly. The April 21st stable patch includes:

-Planet Bookmarks to replace the original teleportation method
-Teleporters to allow different areas to teleport to on the planet
-Race specific pets on ships
-Story teasing new location: The Ark
-New biome: Slime Caves
-Various NPC and monster pathfinding fixes
-Various other fixes and bug squelches

This update will cause existing characters to lose their home planet. It might be ideal to look up the coordinates to your home planet before updating so you can bookmark it again in the new system.

I’ve enjoyed playing Starbound again since the major update, but I still wish something could be done to fix the issue that I’d rather set up base inside my ship than on a planet where I’ll move far away from to explore more to follow up on quest progression. The game is fun and it’s a blast with friends; and I hope the game comes out of early access soon.

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