The Crucible is the one of the latest additions to the free-to-play game Nosgoth. Nosgoth is a free-to-play game that is currently in open beta on steam and all users with a Windows computer will be able to download the game which is constantly being updated; the game was developed by Psyonix and published by Square Enix and is set in the Legacy of Kain game series universe.

Though there were many changes made and the addition of the long awaited evolved Deceiver skin, the new map is definitely the most exciting addition for most players.


The Crucible has now been well played by most Nosgoth fans and has been a source of discussion for days. This is now the largest map the game has, there are plenty of drops that damage humans and at the same time there are more good defensive points for the human team; the drop work very well in the favour of one vampire class especially, the Sentinel a bat-like creature that swoops down to carry humans away and lets the fall damage injure the human for them before they make their kill.

The Crucible is aesthetically very pleasing containing different areas dedicated to bringing life to one of the cities that went to work defeating the vampires from the Legacy of Kain series final enemy; the sun. The city is a blacksmith town which uses a combination of alchemy, geomancy and engineering to produce thick black smoke to block out the sun. The map includes the following areas: Gladiator area and training ground, birthing catacombs, slave pens, forges and blacksmithing areas.

Alongside the release of the new map is also the already mentioned and eagerly awaited evolved skin for the Deceiver class. Deceivers are, as their name suggests, more stealth orientated wielding the ability to turn morph into a human team mate before stabbing a human in the back or to control the mind of an enemy for a short time. The new evolved skin is available for free to all users who have reached the top level for the class (25) and can also be bought in the store for runestones which players buy with real money.

It has been confirmed that the Summoner class is also due to receive an evolved skin like the other vampire classes however it was not finished in time to be released in the big update. Psyonix also hinted during their last developers stream that the final vampire class will be female.


The Evolved Deceiver skin matches the depraved class well.


An extra added feature was the ‘leavers penalty’ to reduce the amount of players who leave a losing game to save their win percentage; now players who leave an in-progress game will receive a 3 minute lockout and be unable to join a game even when invited by a friend. Though not a particularity long lockout, for those players who only have time for one game it could be devastating.

There were also many other features included such as the new scoreboard in game, changes to the mini-map feature, more class balancing fixes as well as the expected bug fixing.


For more on the update please see Psyonix’s blog post and the official subreddit topic regarding the patch which lists all changes in more detail.

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