A few weeks back, I put out an article for a speculation for something new to be announced on May 31st relating to Monster Hunter based upon a site teaser from Capcom Japan.

Just recently, the site was updated and now has a bit more information regarding what is going on at the Monster Hunter event.

Firstly, the event will officially begin at 5pm JST on May 31st, 2015. The event will also consist of  various guest stars including comedians, musicians and the development team; all to celebrate Monster Hunter. There will also be new information announced to the public during the event as well! Anything to moisten the enthusiastic crowd that attends is always a fantastic move by the developers! This event will be held at the Tokyo International Forum.

The event will be holding talk shows with the guests, games, performances and mini live events to really get the crowd pumped for the pumping Monster Hunter filled night!

The site’s update has also stated that people who attend will also receive a complimentary Blu-Ray disc that features 80 minutes of Monster Hunter footage; consisting of CG and promotional videos for all of the games in the Monster Hunter franchise.

The tickets are to be sold at a price of 3000 yen, and the members of the Monster Hunter Club can sign up for a raffle to obtain tickets to this event if they sign up right now, all the way through to April 19th, Midnight.

Again, this is a Japan only event; but I can only wish and hope for an extremely cool event like this to cross the waters if this franchise would get even more popular than it is now! I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of this event news wise. If you’re in Japan during that time and are a fan of Monster Hunter you should definitely go! And let us know if you are!

(credit to Releska for help translating; you can find his site for translations and requests here. Thanks dude!)

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