2K Games seems to have a big game announcement coming, teasing gamers with a website for something called the “Advent Administration.”

On Twitter, 2K Games wrote: “Luxury for the privileged few is outdated. This is the future of urban living.” The tweet was accompanied with both a link to a website, as well as an image (seen below). The image shows a brightly lit city with the caption “Move in today and start living in the world of tomorrow!” The image then switches to an image of the same city covered in smoke, with the words changing to “Move in today and fear the world of tomorrow!”

The Advent Administration website (seen here) gives information on the medical company. The site states that “Amazing advancements in architectural  construction have led to a new kind of city. The gleaming towers are specifically designed to utilize space in efficient ways never before seen, as well as provide the comforts amentities as of a resort. Each living unit is outlined with the very best in high-tech comfort and utilitarian style…Advent cities are a fresh start. Join us and help us build a brighter future today.” The Advent page also promises a world without disease and disabilities.

Not everything is fine and pretty, however. The site seems to have been hacked, with cryptic messages such as “We are still watching” and “The Advent is lying to you.” This type of broken utopia idea sounds very much like a BioShock premise. Hopefully we will learn more at E3 this year, or maybe even sooner.

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