In the wake of the franchise’s most recent, very well received, theatrical release, the Mad Max game is not about to let itself be forgotten. Showcasing a world just as brutal and insane as you would expect, the new Mad Max trailer released today by Avalanche Studios focuses even more on the violent ruthlessness of the wasteland than the game’s original overview trailer did last month.

Introducing the trailer on the PlayStation Blog, John Fuller, Senior Producer on the game, clarified, “While you may recognize certain elements [from the films], it is truly a standalone game with original characters, storyline and setting crafted from the ground up to rival the best games out there…”

And as far as what that story entails, Fuller gave a few more details, explaining, “We start our story as [Max] gets tangled up in a fight with a group of warboys. These are the zealous foot soldiers of the Wasteland Warlord and ruler of Gastown, Scabrous Scrotus. Stripped of his prized Interceptor, he is left for the Wasteland to chew up. However, he receives help from an unlikely companion, a Wasteland Blackfinger named Chumbucket, who realizes that Max has ‘otherworldly skills’ as a driver and survivor.”

The trailer goes on to feature a deadly race, a look at Scabrous Scrotus, and Max getting in a bit over his head with Scrotus’ henchmen, Stank Gum. For more on Mad Max, keep checking here on Gamespresso as we head towards the game’s September 1st release date in the Americas and September 4th release date in Europe. What do you think of the Mad Max trailer? Savage enough for you? Let us know in the comments.

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