The Humble Bundle group is pairing up with Paradox for a (mostly) fantastically good group of games this time around! If you love grand strategy then this is certainly going to be the Humble Bundle for you! While they’ve had some of these games in previous bundles, there has never been a chance to get so much DLC and so many Paradox games in one place like there is right now!

On the first donation tier you will get War of the Roses: Kingmaker, Magicka, Magicka The other Side of the Coind and Horror Props Item Pack DLC, Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition, Victoria II, Magicka Wizard Wars Paradox Platypus Robe, and a “Helping Hear” Paradox Forum Icon to proudly display that you helped support a good cause. Just the DLC alone makes it worthwhile to get at least the first tier of this bundle!

The pay more than the average donation tier, which at the time of writing this is $5.41, includes Hearts of Iron III, Impire, Crusader Kings II, Crusader Kings II Sons of Abraham DLC, Paradox Interactive Music Hits!-Platypus Edition, and they are promising that more games will be added soon. While I cannot in good faith tell you to play Impire, my ridiculous amount of play time on Crusader Kings II is enough for me to tell you that this is an incredible deal!

The third tier, which is $15+, has Europa Universalis IV and Europa Universalis IV Conquest of Paradise DLC. This one is tough because the Europa series is pretty niche, I would say even more so than some of the other Paradox games in this bundle. If you’re really into Europa then this may be a good option for you, or if you’re just in a very charitable mood!

The final tier, costing a total of $35 or more, is for the truly charitable who want themselves some real world swag. This tier comes with a Paradox Interactive t-shirt to show all your friends how cool you are and 8 different Magicka inspired buttons to be placed on assorted bags and what not at your discretion. If you’re really into charity or just want to show off you Paradox love then this is the tier for you!

Overall this is a fantastic Humble Bundle, I would say one of the best by my gaming standards, and I would highly recommend going over to and picking it up as soon as possible! Only 9 more days left so hurry!

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