Bravely Second: End Layer was released on April 23rd in Japan and after its first week of release in Japan it barely sold 100,000 copies. A total of 100,047 copies and only about 53 percent of its shipment was sold entirely. In comparison, its previous game Bravely Default sold 141,000 copies and about 85 percent of its total shipment on week one.  Bravely Default ended up selling a total of about 400,000 copies in its home country of Japan. So how would it look for Bravely Second?

Now, Bravely Default did not really achieve its success until its release in the west with one million copies sold. What does that mean? It means that the JRPG department is still alive and well in the West.

Even if Bravely Second does not sell well in its home country, its success will surely be measured with a Western release, which has yet to be announced. Maybe at E3? Who knows!?

When Bravely Second does get a Western release, will you be getting a copy?

Like always, thank you all for reading!

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