Earlier today, Bungie’s community manager, DeeJ, released a statement regarding the Weekly Update for Destiny. In the statement, DeeJ explains the game plan for rolling out the upcoming DLC expansion for Destiny, the House of Wolves. The plan includes 2 updates: one to prepare for the expansion, and one for the expansion itself.

The first update was supposed to drop this week, and activate the effects of update 1.2.0 in-game, which dropped last week. However, the developers at Bungie ran into some technical issues, so the update was pushed back to an undisclosed time. We now know that its going to be dropping sometime tomorrow (May 15th), but there were no details on just what that update may include.

In his statement, DeeJ did hint toward needing “something knew for the hunt in Destiny”…maybe new armor and weapons for vendors? We aren’t exactly sure right now, since the patch notes for the update won’t appear until after the patch goes live. So they’re hiding something – could be something good, or something bad (like when they put Commendations in the game…).

What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. You can read DeeJ’s statement on the Bungie website. And don’t forget, the House of Wolves goes live on May 19th.

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