As previously leaked yesterday, the new Dota 2 TI5 compendium Immortal II has been let loose for Compendium owners. The rare ones this time around are Shadow Fiend’s Arms of Desolation and Anti-Mage’s Golden Basher Blades. For an overview of what each Immortal item will do to each hero, you can check out the main Dota blog post.




Alongside the Immortals being available, Wyvern Hatchling couriers are also available for Compendium owners due to the stretch goal being met. The Hatchling can change forms depending on the level of the Compendium that is achieved. It starts off as an ‘ice’ style, at level 25, it becomes ‘fire’ style and finally at level 200, it becomes golden.

Also, since the qualifiers are underway, Valve has also implemented a new drop system where spectator’s can receive effigies from a random material already in the game that depicts the mvp or random player in the match. When you watch live, you can also obtain coins, charms and Compendium points as well. The chance to receive the effigies seem to also increase depending on how high the Compendium level is.

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