Compendium Immortal II leaked?

Thanks to the snooping work of redditor ha11ak on the Dota 2 subreddit, he’s unearthed what the next set of Immortal II items for the compendium event will be. The post by the redditor can be found here. According to the post, these were found by “creating an html file about 2 weeks ago that basically checks for the images from the immortal slider…”

Immortal items cause the animation of certain abilities to change aesthetically from the normal animation. Because of this, people are extremely excited for the next set.

This time around, Faceless Void will obtain a new arm guard. Anti Mage will obtain a new set of blades. Sven will obtain a new shield. Leshrac get’s a new scepter. Shadow Fiend gets new pulsating arms. Disruptor will be getting a back set and Tinker looks like he’ll get a new headset that will change his March of the Machines.

I’m looking forward to seeing what each item will affect ability-wise and I’m also looking forward to seeing how long Valve will need to take to ‘polish’ the 3rd Immortal set as the prize pool is already sitting at over $9 million and about to hit the next stretch goal, which is the unlock of the 3rd Immortal set.

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