Crysis Analogue Edition – Board game version of the FPS

Independent developer Frame6 has been granted an official licence by Crytek to bring its popular first person shooter franchise, Crysis, to tables and floors. A shooter doesn’t seem like a concept that lends itself well to being translated into a board game, but so far it’s looking interesting.

Frame6 describes the experience as:

…a fast-paced strategy game. Play with up to eight friends and score points in either Team Instant Action or Capture the Relay game modes. Defeat your enemies using advanced weaponry and the unique abilities provided by the Nanosuit in this team-based strategy game.

If you make your way to the game’s Kickstarter page, you’ll see it already has more than an impressive €16,000 in funding, you’ll also find a few more details about the game, it states:

The game is beginner-friendly, but delivers strategic depth once you take advantage of all features:

  • Use the Nanosuit modes to become stronger, increase your defense or sneak past your opponents
  • Equip your team with complementary gear for long range, short range, offense or defense
  • Make use of the customizable obstacles for cover and ambushes
  • Freely mix your hand deck with maneuver and tactics cards to lay down your strategy
  • Unlock powerful team bonuses to deliver a deadly blow to your enemy team

As you can see from the images currently available (above), due to having the licence it will be an authentic experience – the game pieces, art and other assets are spot on.

Frame6 is hoping to release Crysis Analogue Edition later this year.

In the meantime, why not have a look at the video below and let us know what you think.

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