The wonderful DeeJ has blessed us with yet another Destiny Weekly Update on the Bungie website. This week, he goes over some new details regarding the Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, and addressed some bugs that appeared with last week’s House of Wolves update.

Firstly, the Trials of Osiris event last weekend was a success. Here are the official numbers for the maiden Trials, direct from DeeJ’s post:

  • 3,798,561 matches were completed in the Trials
  • 118,627,301 total kills were earned by players
  • 188,442 players turned in a flawless Trials Passage to Brother Vance and earned the right to visit the special “promised land” on Mercury
  • 299,001 Guardians had a perfect scorecard

Guardian engagement heat map


Sniper spot heat map

Seems like the first Trials event was successful. Two photos showing Guardian traffic on the map can also be seen: one showing where most Guardians encountered one another, and the second showing snipers’ perch spots. There’s a variety of heat spots on the maps, but a lot of heat shows up in some of the same spots. If the strategy ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

DeeJ also addressed the issue of cheaters in the Trials. Some of you may have experienced getting booted from a Trials match; while cheating was found to be an issue, those that received an “Olive” error message were faced with a bug that was fixed this week. If you were booted on suspicious means, you may have crossed paths with a cheater; those found to be cheating may be temporarily or permanently banned. In other words, play fair or don’t play at all.

This week’s Trials of Osiris map is Pantheon on Mars. If the event is live for you, go get yourself a Trials Passage to get some gear and materials! But remember to play nice out there, guys and gals…we’re all here to have a good time. Please don’t ruin someone else’s experience. You risk getting caught; Bungie is always watching.

In other news, Lord Saladin is set to return to the Tower on June 2nd, marking the start of a new Iron Banner event. There’s new gear to be won: weapons, armor, shaders, and even Etheric Light. There have also been a few changes to the Iron Banner, including a few enhancements for the overall experience and new maps in rotation.

If you haven’t already, check out DeeJ’s full post on the Bungie website. And as always, feel free to leave any comments you have down below!

Source: Bungie

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