So the last we heard about the new Dissidia Final Fantasy game was that it is going to be released as an arcade game. Well recently in early april a new trailer came out featuring gameplay for the PS4 which shows off a few things about the upcoming video game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy was first released for PSP back in 2009 in the west and following its success Square Enix released a prequel to the game called Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy duodecim. Back in 2014 Square Enix announced that they will be creating  a new Dissidia Final Fantasy game but only as an arcade game in Japan.

Now this trailer features the gameplay with gameplay as if it were being played on a PS4 so its safe to assume that the game will be developed for consoles and may possibly follow up its predecessors.

The gameplay features a 3v3 battle and shows a general battle. A new feature includes summoning, a popular feature in the Final Fantasy franchise. Any character from the team of 3 can summon the beast and the featured summon is none other the one of the most popular summons Ifrit. The characters featured in this game include Final Fantasy I Warrior of Light, Final Fantasy III Onion Knight, Final Fantasy VI Terra Branford, Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy XIII Lightning and Final Fantasy XIV Y’shtola.

One feature I noticed that wasn’t included in this trailer is how there are no EX cores like in the past Dissidia games and may or may not exist in this game at all as well as the amount of playable heroes. Another thing is how there are no villains in this game trailer which was one of the best features of Dissidia.

It is unclear when this game will be released or when a release date will be announced but it sure is an exciting game to follow.

Thank you all for reading!

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