The Final Fantasy franchise has been renowned worldwide for it’s superior soundtracks.  Whether the game be one of their masterpieces (Final Fantasy Tactics) or one of their not-so-great titles (Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, Lightning Returns…)  fans could always find enjoyment in the amazing musical score.

Arnie Roth and the St. Louis Symphony are looking to bring back the musical magic created by developer Square Enix by performing Distant Worlds:  music from Final Fantasy.  The performance will include music from the fourteen main games and even a special HD presentation of exclusive content from Square Enix.

The concert will be performed at Powell Hall, located in St. Louis, Missouri.  They will perform the program on two different dates, May 15th and May 16th, at 7:30 PM.

Final Fantasy fans located in the Missouri area and beyond should take advantage of this rare opportunity.  The St. Louis Symphony is one of the best Symphonies in the US, and all of the hype for Final Fantasy XV will make the experience of listening to some of the franchise’s best tracks even more satisfying and nostalgic.

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