EDIT: The mod has been taken offline sadly. Activision Blizzard has requested for the take down of the mod and has claimed copyright over the video and such. It’s sad to see it go; but that said, the people who already have the mod can just as easily play with it still. Also, it’s the internet, if you’re crafty enough, you’ll find another download link.




With hard work and a lot of elbow grease, one Dota 2 content creator shows off his talents by replacing the Sniper model with a Heart of the Swarm Nova. Down from the model, animation, voice, sound effects and skill icons. User Shutnik, the creator, has been working on Dota 2 content including cosmetic items for visual loadouts; but this is the first time he’s tackled a complete replacement of a hero and it’s paid off! Here’s a video demostrating Nova in all her glory, as well as downloads so you can put it in your own game.


According to the description in the video; the death animation is slightly amiss since the model is based on the HotS model and so will look ridiculous. Personally, I love goofy deaths so it doesn’t bother me! Another fault with the model change right now is that all cosmetic items that already exist for Sniper will have no effect on Nova and therefore will not show up in game. I mean, I’d love to see a goofy looking Nova but that seems like a fair compromise.

The modding scene for Dota 2 has been incredible, there’s even a mod for Crystal Maiden’s ultimate playing “Let it Go“. Man you modders are crazy cool.

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