As the regional qualifier matches rage on, more and more money is being sunk into The International 5 and now it has finally hit $10 million USD. With several more months left until the grand finals, the prize pool is well on its way to surpassing last years grand total of $10,930,698 USD. This time last year; The International 4 had managed to scrounge up $7,826,603. This years rate is marginally higher than last year; and for the people who love graphs, here is a quick look at how it’s going.


With the prize pool reaching $10 million, a new set of Immortals are to be coming out. It’ll be a while, Valve just put out the second set after intense ‘polishing’. There have been some inkling rumors on what the final set of items will be thanks to some more digging in surprise; the Dota 2 sub-reddit.

I’m very much looking forward to a Kunkka shark ‘Ghost Ship’ ultimate! That said these are just predictions based on basic files found in the Dota 2 update files. Let’s hope for a quick release soon!

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