Evolve players now have a new way to pit hunters against monsters thanks to a brand new mode called Arena.

Free to all players, Arena Mode drops 4 hunters and the monster into a dome and has them fight for survival. The monster is evolved to level 2, and has 50% armor. Once a monster or hunter falls, they are out of the game and cannot be revived. This helps keep the matches shorter and faster paced.

Evolve’s Arena mode takes place over all 14 of the game’s maps, with 70 different domes to battle in. When either the monster or the hunters win, the round ends, and a new dome from the same map is chosen. The matches are best of three. The mode is available today as part of a free update.

Evolve is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Earlier this month, it was announced that studio Turtle Rock will continue to support Evolve throughout the year, with more monsters, hunters, modes, and more on the way.

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