Fire Emblem IF is the latest entry in the long standing series. It now seems that this new entry will be making some changes to the long standing battle system.

The Weapon Triangle has been a part of the series for years, and will be seeing some changes in the upcoming Fire Emblem If. According to Famitsu, the standard swords-beat-axes-beat-lances-beat-swords is getting some alterations. Now, swords and magic beat axes and bows, which beat lances and concealed weapons, which in turn beat swords and magic.

It was recently announced that weapon durability was being removed for Fire Emblem If. It was also revealed that while they will not have usage limits, stronger weapons will have limitations. The Bronze Sword, for example, cannot land critical hits, but has a +10 Critical evasion. Another example is the Steel Sword, which has -5 evasion and makes it difficult to use a Pursuit attack.

Famitsu also revealed a new group of characters: Felicia (maid), Joker (butler), Gunther (great butler), Suzukaze, Saizou, and Kagerou (shinobi). Felicia, Joker, Gunther, and Suzukaze are allies in both versions of Fire Emblem If, while Saizou and Kagerou are allies in the White Knight Kingdom version. Maids, Butlers, and Shinobi characters use concealed weapons, which have weakening affects on enemy abilities.

Fire Emblem If will release in Japan on June 25th. The game will release in North America and Europe sometime next year. The game will be available on the 3DS.

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