Yesterday saw the release of a major content update for the PlayStation exclusive, top-down shooter Helldivers. The update, titled ‘Turning up the Heat,” not only sees the level cap bumped up from 25 to 27, but also introduces volcanic maps to the procedurally generated possibilities, complete with a volcanic-themed character armor set. Each enemy race is gaining one additional unit type as well, the new enemies called the Bug Impaler, the Cyborg Hound, and the Illuminati Obelisk. And finally, a new perk, called Strong Arm, will help you throw further, something that might be helpful as you tackle the three new objective types that see you repairing and firing artillery, disarming unexploded ordnance, and completing a geological survey.

In our review of Helldivers, we applauded how “tactics and teamwork in Helldivers get more and more important as time goes on,” giving it a perfect score, calling it a “gem of a game.”

‘Turning up the Heat’ comes along side the release of the game’s second piece of paid DLC, Reinforcements Pack 2, which includes new weapons, new armors, and new stratagems, all for $5.99.

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