Video game retailer GameStop has reported their earnings for the first quarter of 2015, which ended on March 31st. Through this, they revealed that global sales and profit have increased compared to last year.

GameStop’s worldwide revenue rose 3.2% to $2.06 billion. This was driven by a 9.6% growth in new softaware sales, despite secondhand sales declining by 3.4%. The company’s digital business saw a revenue increase of 17.2% to $222.2 million. A big contribution to this was DLC sales for titles such as Evolve and Mortal Kombat X. Increased sales in mobile game downloads and Steam currency sales were also big revenue drivers.

GameStop posted $136.8 million in revenue in the mobile and consumer’s electronics division, up 33.9%. The retailer’s Technology Brands division saw a total revenue increase of 70%, rising up to $102.2 million.

GameStop’s profit for the quarter was $73.8 million, which was up 8.5% from last year’s $68 million. The company also pointed out that its first-quarter profit showed the “highest level of profitability” since its first quarter in 2011.

The company had this to say in a statement: “Our first quarter results exceeded expectations, displaying our market leadership and our ability to drive and leverage our core video game business and expand our diversified businesses to deliver healthy profits and solid top-line growth. This performance confirms that our effort to transform GameStop into a family of specialty brands is the right strategy to drive durable revenues and shareholder value.”

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